An unhealthy obsession

I have an unhealthy obsession. There. I said it.

“To what?” you might ask.

To one Doctor Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn.

I mean, villians are awesome to begin with. Then you watch the new movie, and see such a bada$$ female villian. I can’t help it: SHE’S AWESOME!!! I’d rather have my future little girl be Harley Quinn than Wonder Woman.

Yes, Harley’s outfit from the movie is a little revealing, but she also has her classic jester outfit. Also, have you seen the female superheros? All of those outfits are super revealing.

I have been obessing over her outfit, and have already decided I am making her costume. I have tons of ideas, and not a lot of reasources. (I am trying to do something special this month. I’ll talk about that later.) I can’t wait to start the project. When I do finish it, I’ll post picture of the pieces, as well as descriptions of how I did it, in case it helps anyone.

For now, Enjoy this sketch I made in class today.harley-sketch


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