New project underway

I’ve started a new project for a friend. She likes mermaids and Harley Quinn, so I’m making her a Harley Quinn inspired mermaid tail blanket. I’ll post finished pictures when I’m done, but thought I might all well explain what I’m doing.

First, the tail shape. I traced around my friend on 2 yards of fleece. The fleece means you don’t need to hem it, making it easier. I left about two inches on the sides to make sure it would fit around her. Then I sewed up the sides. 

To make it Harley Quinn, one half is red and will have black diamonds, and the other black with red diamonds.

After seeing the tail, I attached a white piece to resemble the collar. To make the collar, I cut out a squiggly line, and attached a circle to the tall ends.

Now, I am sewing on small black diamonds to the tail piece. They look almost like scales, and seal off the tail end. I use white thread for this, because even though it shows, it’s better than having multiple colors of thread showing. Besides, unless you look very closely, you don’t notice. Advice for this step: pin the diamonds in place before you sew: it will make it easier to find a look you like.

After this step, I am sewing bigger diamonds on, in the traditional Harley pattern. I’ll post finished pictures when I’m done. Sorry if this is a long post. 


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