animal crossing, Obessions

Relaspe to my addiction

So, I knew the update to Animal Crossing New Leaf would enable the use of amiibo. Needless to say, I started my town up again, purely becuase of the new exclusive stuff.

I already own Celeste and Zelda, and recently purchased Blathers. I can’t wait to get Celeste’s bow, even though it will mess with my Harley Quinn costume. I can always make the colors blue and pink instead of red and black (like the classic jester outfit).

I also plan on getting the Squid Sisters from Splatoon. I LOVE Callie’s outfit. My own struggle will be:Do I wear the Harley outfit with the pink bbow, or the Callie outfit?

I don’t have a dream address yet, but I will post it once I have one. I will also post the Harley Outfit, hat and umbrella I made, once I can. For now, have a picture of me with W. Link.



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