I finished the project!

So, I finished the mermaid tail last week. The hardest part was hand sewing on the small diamonds. I ended up sewing the collar piece on twice, so that it wouldn’t flop around.

A piece  of advice I have: don’t sew the front and back pieces together if you are going to put on any design pieces on the body part of the tail. That way, you wouldn’t need to put something inside the tail to prevent sewing the two halves together in the middle.

Also, on the base of the tail, I don’t recommend putting design on the base of the tail. It is hard to hand sew it all. This also is hard to go through so many layers of fleece.


Here’s a picture of what the base looked like on one side. The other side looks the same, except for the colors being inverted. The small red diamonds were sewn on with black thread, and the black diamonds with white thread. The large diamonds were sewn on with the color they are.

I will probably be making a Suicide Squad inspired one at some point. I will post the design and the steps I took to make it.

Also, have another design for a tail (drawn on a person). This would be much more sewing than the one I did, but enjoy!




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