Finals are over. I get a month off of school. What to do with the time…

I’m going to work on my Harley Quinn shirt (of course I’ll post it). I may try to make pillows out of scraps from the tail, and I might make my own tail. I still have the Cinderella dress to finish, and of course, the holidays are here again.

One thing I know I’m going to do: nothing. I need a break from all the running around that I have been doing. Between school, work, community service, and trying to relax, I haven’t had a whole lot of me time. I plan on taking it now.

I started playing League of Legends. I suck, but I die less than I use to. I still have to play through Pokémon Moon. I have a lot of stuff I am going to do. I just hope I can actually do it.



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