Suicide Squad Shirt Has Begun

I started working on the shirt from the movie. Again, I’ll share what I do.

First of all, I bought a long sleeve white shirt from Target. I love Target, but I’ll talk about that later.

When the shirt arrived, I knew I’d need to cut the sleeves shorter, and the bottom of the shirt needed to be cut to my waist. However, the shirt was a little bigger than I thought, and even after these changes, I still wanted to make it tighter.

Normally, I don’t wear tight clothes, but the costume in the movie is tight. I pulled and pinned the sides so that they would be tighter, but still be easily removable. I drew a “J” shape, starting at the sleeve seam and ending at the bottom of the shirt.

side-contouringAfter I drew the “J”, I sewed up the inside of it, removing the pins as I went. Just to check the fit, I recommend trying it on once sewn. That way, if it needs to be moved, it is easier to move the stiches now. Why?

Because after sewing the “J”, I cut off the extra fabric. This makes it easier to wear.

This is all for this post. Next, I’ll post about the words on the front! See you then!



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