Now, I’m officially “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster”

To paint on the words, I first printed a copy of them online. You may need to resize the picture as you wish; I didn’t mind the size of mine.

I first painted the large inner part (not the border). I did this with a paint brush and fabric paint. My advice is to go slow, but remember that mistakes will happen. The small mistakes will probably only be noticed by you, and they make your shirt different than everyone else’s.

painting-the-worsI had the paper on the inside, because I could see the pattern through it. The pattern is taped on a piece of cereal box which made it easy to stick pins in. The pins prevented massive amounts of movement. Remember: the fabric will still move a little.

After the bold words dried, I used the end of my paint (pictured below) to draw the outline. I didn’t really follow the pattern for this. I just painted around my letters.

paint bottle.JPG

There are a few spots that could be touched up, so I have white paint as well just in case I really feel I need it.

That’s this post. I think I’ll do costume stuff on Fridays. If I have nothing to post, I won’t post anything. Next Friday, I think will be the sleeves and top of the shirt.


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