Stars and Stripes…not really…

I realized that the colors on this shirt are red, white, and blue… I don’t know why I thought of that. It was one of those thoughts you have right before you fall asleep.

Anyway, the sleeves. I had to cut mine to be 3/4 sleeves, but you can buy shirts with those sleeves.


I used tape to make sure my stripes came out as even as possible. Masking tape is probably a better option; I just didn’t have any. I made the stripes the size of the 1 inch foam brush I was using with the paint.

blue sleeve.JPG

For the left sleeve, I used the foam brush again, dabbing on the blue paint. It doesn’t cover the sleeve perfectly, so I left gaps. It also doesn’t go all the way up the arm, only at the base. A couple more techniques to try: buy fabric spray paint (if you can find it) or use a stiff brisseled brush and very little paint, dabbing the same way as I did with the foam brush. I’m happy with how mine came out, but you can try anything.


As for the top, I painted the front half. To paint the back, I looked through the layers of the shirt, and using the edge, I marked off the back half with the tape. After that I just painted it.

A quick note about the fabric paint: when it dries, it dries hard, so it feels weird to wear. You could try using dye, but it would be hard to do the sleeves, and you would need to use paint for the letters anyway. I will share how I softened the paint (made it easier to wear) when I figure out how.

Sorry for the long post, with so many pictures. Next, how I made the bat. Have a LEGO Harley Quinn.




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