I recently purchased a new game for my 3DS. If the title didn’t give it away, I bought Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright.

I originally wanted Conquest, because Camilla is one bae, but Birthright was easier to get. I didn’t realize that in order to travel the opposite path in the game, you needed to purchase it. It is a better deal than having to buy both games, but with all the DLC as well, I could see this game as costing a lot.

The other annoying thing is that they didn’t explain what the ninjas were weak to and what they were good againist. The daggers and throwing stars are fun, but I find myself frustrated that I never knew what to use them againist. (Maybe they said it and I missed it, but still…)

Aside from that, gameplay is fun. The introduction of the castle fights is quite enjoyable, adding some personalization to what you are doing.

The characters are certainly colorful. My favorites are Camilla, Takumi, and Azura.I like Camilla just because of how protective she is. Takumi is a pain in the ass and I love it. Azura is pretty and I’ve always loved the dancers. Who knows, maybe an Azura costume is in my future…



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