Harley’s costume purchases

I bought a lot of items, rather than making them. Some seemed almost impossible for me to make, others I had ideas of how to make but lack the ambition to do it. I’m lazy, and I realize that it’s a bit of problem. Between school starting again, work, and family, I just couldn’t see myself making all of these things.

I’ll list where I bought everything, how much it was, and if I would buy it from the same place again.

  • The shoes were probably the biggest obstacle in this cosplay. The shoe company that made them for the movie does sell them, but they were out of stock. I bought mine on Amazon for $41.99.
    • The Amazon purchase is definitely cheaper.
    • The quality of the shoes was unexpectedly good. The heel is thicker than in the movie, which I personally like. My only real complaint is the laces they came with weren’t the best quality in my opinion, but buying new laces isn’t too expensive.
  • The revolver was the one thing I was considering not buying/making. You probably don’t need it, but I love how it looks. I bought mine on Etsy for 143.65 from PYOS3D.
    • You buy a kit from them for around $70, but you’ll have to put it together and paint it. I bought one that was pre-painted and put together.
  • The jacket was another piece that I probably didn’t need. I bought it for $59.99 at fye. The jacket is not very thick, but I didn’t expect it to be. The design is good, and it is very comfortable. Overall, I would buy this here again.
  • I ordered the shorts on Etsy from ConquetryClothing for $36.55 (counting shipping).
    • I ordered the high waisted pair, with red on the right side. I wanted the high waisted pair but the shop does offer different designs.
    • I like the fabric and lining. It was tight on me, but Harley’s shorts are tight in the movie. Also, I’ve never worn Spandex before.
    • Overall, I would buy this again.
  • I order the glove for my left hand on Etsy from GiftFantasy for $20.88.
    • It is a little tight around my fingers, and I wish it was tighter around my wrist. Overall, the look of it outweighs these issues (one of which I can easily fix) so I consider it worth  buying, though there are probably cheaper ones that are just as good avaiable.
  • I ordered the gun holster on Amazon. Yes, I made one as well. The one I made fits my gun.
    • The one from Amazon looks good. However it is too big for me, and the holster isn’t big enough for my gun. It will be good for pictures when I’m either holding the gun, or not carrying the gun at all.
    • It was $14.99. Overall, I would recomemend this, provided you don’t have a gun.
  • I ordered her chocker twice.
    • One was from ToyWiz. It was a packaged product sold in many places. I don’t like the clasp on it, as it is a lobster claw and hard to manage when putting it on. I wouldn’t buy this again.
    • I bought another one from Hot Topic. This one was cheaper and was also a packaged one. I like this one more. The clasp is like a belt or dog collar, and thus easier to put on. I would buy this one again.
    • Hot Topic is on the left, and ToyWiz is on the right.IMG_2135.JPG
  • The fishnet tights
    • I bought one pair at Target.
    • The shoes I bought also came with a pair, which was a pleasant surprise.
      • My big complaint with these is that the holes are rather small, and in the movie, Harley has fishnets with large holes. When Halloween comes again, I might buy a different set, but what I have will work.

A few other things to note:

  • I didn’t need to buy a wig, because my hair is dyed. I will however buy blue and pink hairspray to get the colors.
  • Harley also has unique bracelets and earrings. I’ve decided not to buy/make either at this time.
    • The jacket covers the arms so you wouldn’t see the bracelets unless I put them over the jacket and I find that uncomfortable.
    • I just didn’t want the earrings. I feel like they are a really small detail I can take care of at a later date, and one thing that I could spend way too much time worry about.

This will take care of most of the Harley Suicide Squad cosplay. I’ll post pictures of the entire thing at some point, maybe of me wearing it.


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