Leaving one world to enter the real one

So, everyone says that entering college changes you and you lose a lot of what you left behind. And two years ago, I would’ve disagreed. Now…not so much.

The responsibility is massive. You’re taking out loans that will  last for what seems like forever. A piece of paper determines your success. All that the paper shows is that you spent four extra years sitting in a desk, and spending more money than you have.

And then there’s the people. I used to think I had friends, but now many of them sit in high school or live hours away. The high schoolers don’t seem to understand that trying to talk to them about stuff is nearly impossible because college now dominates life and they’re not there. The ones that are far share adventures, and don’t seem to care about the high stakes at the moment. But that’ll catch up eventually.

The friends that don’t go away end up not in your classes and scheduling around everything going on is not possible.

I wouldn’t have imagined this. But new times mean new people and friends. I just didn’t think it would drop off so harshly.


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