How much is it worth?

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

I stared at the heart rate monitor, watching as the beating slowed down. It felt surreal to be watching him die like this. The doctors didn’t think there was anything that could be done.  I turned to look out the window at the bright stars, wishing there was a miracle drug that could be used.

“How much is it worth to you?” A glittering bottle floated in front of me, “A mircale elixir, able to cure every disease known to man. How much is it worth to you?”

A small figure danced around my head. It didn’t have a distinct gender and fluttered around with a small amount of discomfort.

“Is it worth losing your family?”

“Is it worth losing your friends?”

“Is it worth innocent lives being taken, when the one cure is used and not replicated?”

He wouldn’t have wanted others to die. But I could live without my family, without my friends, as long as he made it. He had to make it.

“It’s worth it.” I said, “Even more than that.”

“Is it worth your life?”

“Yes.” The figure grinned.

“You would give your life to make sure he made it. That can be arranged.” The figure laughed manically, and spun around my head. I started feeling sleepy, felt my knees give. I turned my head as I fell, and saw him get out of the bed.

I heard him scream my name, and all I could think was “The elixir worked. He made it.”





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