Fluffy the Fluffy Fluff

This is Fluffy. He is the fluffiest fluff you will ever see. He spends his days just fluffing around, leaving little bits of blue fluff for all to enjoy.

Except for one little girl. She thought that Fluffy was going to die when he lost all his fluff. So, this little girl followed Fluffy around, gathering all the little bits and at night, she would stick the little bits back on Fluffy.

One day, the little girl disappeared. When Fluffy realized it, he was sad because his friend was gone. His blue fluff kept falling off as he searched the world for his little girl. Soon, he was only a tiny piece of fluff, turned gray from worry and exhaustion.

He traveled up north, to a tiny little village near the Artic Circle. There were only a few houses, so Fluffy thought to himself that his little girl couldn’t be here. He fluffed over to the fire in the center of the village and just watched it dance. His fluff started floating away in the wind, losing all hope of finding his little girl.

“Fluffy!” He turned around, to see a young woman, “I’m sorry I left. I had to go and grow up, but I’m back.” Fluffy fluffed up, realizing that his little girl came back, but she wasn’t so little anymore. She opened up her back pack, where all his blue fluff was waiting for him.

“I followed the trail back to you.” He jumped into the bag and rolled around in his fluff, and the woman laughed. “Aren’t you going to come out?” He looked at her and shook his head.

“You’re staying with me.” She smiled and walked over to one of the houses, and asked to stay the night. Fluffy slept on her pillow, cuddled up against her cheek, and there he stayed forever.


So, I got this idea from watching CharlyMinion on twitch. She does cross stitching and stuff. You should go watch her. 

This little cutie and the fluff are from her channel, they aren’t mine.


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