So, I play Jinx in League of Legends. I love how crazy she is, and her Star Guardian skin is adorable. But, these guys…

When I saw them, I flipped out. A couple set of champions that weren’t a fan-made ship? YES, PLEASE!!! Not to mention everything made for couples that play league involve the words “I support him/her” and “I carry him/her”. Boom, ADC and Support couple.

They freakin’ dance together, they just bonuses when they fight together, they flirt every other minute, and my little lovesick heart can’t get enough.

Rakan is very showy, while Xayah waits behind him. They are like two opposites that were made for each other.

I played Rakan a few times, but I LIVE for playing as Xayah. She really is over-powered right now, but I love her design. I even have an idea for how to make her weaker. Her passive lets her place out feathers anytime she uses a spell. I think that after she recalls feathers (E) or uses her ultimate (R), she shouldn’t put out feathers. Only after her Q and W should she put out feathers. That way she isn’t calling back, then immediately set up to pull back again.

Anyway, I can’t get enough of this adorableness, and I can’t wait to make my future boyfriend play it with me.


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