My social media cleanse

I spent a week without any of my social media, and I didn’t die. I deleted Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter on my phone, and didn’t go on any of them on my laptop.

I noticed right away that during quiet moments, I couldn’t just go to Snapchat to waste time. For the first couple of days, it drove me a little batty trying to find something to do. But after the initial freak out, I realized that I could get schoolwork done, and try live streaming (which I always thought I didn’t have time to do).

I didn’t really miss them, but my aunt (who talks to me on Snapchat) noticed right away that something was up. I only missed them while I was at work. When I have fifteen minutes to do something that isn’t work, boredly scrolling through Instagram is a very good time-killer.

I redownloaded it all 8 days later. I already notice I don’t use them as much, and I would recommend doing this to anyone considering. Maybe don’t jump in the deep end right away, but delete one at a time. You won’t even notice they are gone.


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