Ball time!

I want to go to a ball. Like an old fashioned one. It would be fun to me, but for the girl in the story, I don't know how she feels about this ball. Enjoy Part 8 of "A Red Jacket" https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OAzTS1iWxz6-UPli4D5rLKoNRFweBeqlXFzasgTth9M/edit?usp=sharing  


Blind to our own numbness

via Daily Prompt: Blindly We see it everyday. The news shows the latest bombing in Syria right after the deaths from the gas attack. We play Black Ops for hours and watch elemental creatures fight for fun. The Avengers beat up the aliens and save New York but all this violence has it's price. In… Continue reading Blind to our own numbness