What is a title?

I need to seriously work on titling posts. I don't know what to put that would get someone's attention, but not give away what is happening in the story. I also couldn't find a picture for this one. I'm just a total mess right now. Anyway, finals are almost over, which means I'll be writing… Continue reading What is a title?


Splish, Splash

Did I not mention I can't come up with titles for the life of me? Anyway, part nine feels the weirdest to me so far, but I think it's because I wasn't working on it consistently. School and other stuff is getting busy, but I want to write. Heck, that's why I made this blog.… Continue reading Splish, Splash


I need to think of Titles rather than just “A Red Jacket”

The titles of these posts are definitely not my strong suit. They all have "A Red Jacket" in them, which is helpful for finding out which posts belong to this story, but still...you can find the story under the tab called "A Red Jacket". I don't like the idea of spoiling the part with the… Continue reading I need to think of Titles rather than just “A Red Jacket”